Coolest College Start-ups Ever

From Google and Microsoft, to companies based out of dorm rooms that you have not even heard of yet, start-ups continue to revolutionize the world. These 20 companies range from international empires to up-and-comings of the future. They all began with a simple vision and college roots. Plus, they’re of the coolest companies in existence today.

1. 3dim

Founder(s): Andrea Colaço & Ahmed Kirmani College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Year Founded: 2013 The premise of 3dim is that it completely changes daily interactions with smart devices for everyday users through a 3D gesture sensor. That way, you no longer need to touch – just gesture. It works under all lighting considers, under any amount of power and on all smart devices – including home appliances. The technology is based on software algorithms, which can be integrated into smart devices.

2. A Small Orange

Founder(s): Douglas Hanna College: Duke University Year Founded: 2003 A Small Orange is a web hosting company which serving websites with a strong customer service focus. The company began with the goal of purchasing web hosting companies that were not performing to their maximum potential and developing them. From there, the company determines whether to sell or retain the business to leaser servers to customers for their own websites.

3.A Small Orange

Founder(s): Chad Massura, Anthony Zhang, Gabriel Quintela and Nick Wang College: University of Southern California Year Founded: 2014 Have you ever been in the mood for a food on campus but want it delivered? Enter EnvoyNow. What’s basically a way to get whatever food you want when you want it, “Envoys (delivery people) enable restaurants around campus to offer delivery, taking away the nightmare of providing delivery away from the restaurant.” Basically, they help restaurants with delivery services so that the service is provided – and college students get what they want to eat quickly.

4. AthleteTrax

Founder(s): Jon Halpern, Brian Gross, Rey Coriano College: George Washington University Year Founded: 2012 An all-in-one for athletes, AthleteTrax is a team member’s dream. Through AthleteTrax, players, parents, coaches and administrators can remain on the same page in scheduling, communicating and fundraising. It allows a member to create or import a list of contacts and, through a share function, effectively communicate with your entire team (or select members) as necessary. It streamlines the process of changes practice times, scheduling competitions and events. Additionally, tools allow payments to be processed via credit card with a small fee (along with tracking), which means that the hub facilitates collecting payments from team members in addition to fundraising from broad audiences. Teams also receive exclusive deals on travel, equipment and apparel purchases as well.

5. Dell

Founder(s): Michael Dell College: University of Texas at Austin Year Founded:1984 You know the name, but do you know the story of Dell? As a freshman majoring in pre-mad at the University of Texas at Austin, 19-year-old Michael Dell founded a computer company then named PC’s Limited with only $1,000. His revolutionary idea was to sell personal computers directly to consumers – something that really hadn’t been done before. He threw his focus into the idea that providing custom PCs to anyone and everyone was the way of the future and, well, the rest is history.

6. Dropbox

Founder(s): Arash Ferdowski & Drew Houston College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Year Founded: 2007 MIT students, Arash Ferdowski and Drew Houston became tired of email’s inability to send and receive large files. They decided the system needed a solution and, as a result, they founded Dropbox. Dropbox is a file sharing service, which allows users to store and send large files. The company has quickly risen the ranks to become the leader in file sharing and what began as a small, simple idea has significantly grown to allow team collaboration, onboarding/offboarding, secure file sharing and more. Millions of individuals use Dropbox throughout the globe to send and share files and many simply utilize the service to store documents for safekeeping.

7. EarTop Technologies

Founder(s): Ketan Rahangdale & Jaiyu Ni College: University of Miami Year Founded: 2011 As a DJ who spent his nights tangled in wires setting up equipment before spinning in clubs, Ketan Rahangdale was never a fan of wires. He wanted to find a better way. EarTop Technologies creates wireless, audio and video technologies. The company focuses on wireless adapters and wireless devices, ultimately striving to make wires obsolete. The company’s first and most recent product, Flow, plugs into the cable jack on headphones or other audio equipment and uses Bluetooth technology transforming them into wireless devices without sacrificing the sound qualify. Their high quality products range from wireless speakers and headphones to other wireless technology adaptors, many of which rival popular Bluetooth products.

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